KTS-Systeme, RFID

KTS-Systeme, RFID


KTS – We develop and produce holistic RFID solutions for global customers with a focus on IT-Network security, Healthcare, Logistics and Inventory Management.

In the segment of complete solutions, KTS offers consulting services starting from the early conceptional phase including design proposal, projekt management as well as technical implementation till customer trainings for the developed products and applications.  This includes software  as well as hardware development, the design of algorithms as well as conduction of technical documentation.

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CONSULTING SERVICES: An important part of our service portfolio is the consulting of our customers with a focus on complex embedded systems in the RFID field – with and without HF applications. Here we implement feasibility studies, create functional speficifactions and specification sheets to determine your requirements. Furthermore we support our customers in the conceptual design of high frequency RFID systems.

RFID DEVELOPMENT: In the segment of RFID development we are specialized on the development of customized, complex RFID solutions. Here we combine our own standard products,customized components as well as additionally purchased products to deliver a high performance RFID system. In software development, we deal with the hardware-oriented programming ARM7 and ARM9 platforms. In addition, we also offer software development for Linux and Windows.

RFID PRODUCTION: In the RFID production area, we deal with operate in three core fields, including production of peripheral devices and components. This contains circuit boads we manufacture and assemble based on Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) or through-hole technology (THT), as well as injection-molded plastic housing or other housing materials. Furthermore, the craetion of the documentation as well as the maintenance of the documentations are implemented by our team of specialists.

As part of the TKM Group we have access to a wide range of resources such as production of plastic cases and SMD electronics production.