Service & Downloads

Our self-conception as provider of holistic RFID solutions includes a cooperative relationship with our customers.  Hence, our Service section offers information regarding KTS and our products such as RFID Readers and RFID Transponders, as well as useful knowledge and information regarding the development software tag2IMAGE, Firmware Updates and User Guides.

KTS provides the following certificates:

IPC certificate for electronic production
CE certificate for product range ShortRange Reader – SRR1356
CE certificate for product range RFID Module – RFIDM1356
CE certificate for product range RFID Antenna – PCBA1356

The KTS GmbH puts major emphasis on quality control.
However, if you receive components, which do not
meet your expectations, we kindly ask you to send back the defectice product.
For fast processing, please use our form for return of goods.Form – Return of Goods
KTS – BTR1356 – Bluetooth RFID Reader
KTS – SRR1356 – ShortRange RFID Reader

KTS – DTR 1356 – Desktop RFID Reader
KTS – RFIDM1356 – RFID OEM Module
KTS – EVALB1356 – Evaluation Board for RFID Module
KTS – PCBA1356_X – PCB RFID Antennas
NEU: tag2IMAGE v2.0 Rev.
From FIRMWARE 3.XX only
tag2IMAGE v1.2 Rev64
KTS – tag2IMAGE – Datasheet
tag2IMAGE User’s Guide for v.2
tag2IMAGE User’s Guide for v1.2tag2IMAGE requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.
If not already installed on your device, you can find it here.
From Firmware 3.XX
AT Commands Reference Guide for integration of KTS RFID devices

All KTS devices run with a consistent firmware. This documentation let the user integrate the
devices totally into their environment.
RFIDM1356 – RFID Modul for OEM applications
KTS Firmware for all KTS devices – v3.17
KTS USB Driver for FW 3.XX (ZIP)
Supports the following systems: XP, VISTA 32bit, VISTA 64bit, WIN7 32bit, WIN7 64bit,
WIN8 32bit, WIN8 64bit