Evaluation Board RFID Module

KTS-EVALB1356 – Use the evaluation board to to quickly familiarize yourself with the KTS RFID module! Integrate RFID applications in your circuit – independent, quick and cost-effectient.

We support you in your own development process and in your first experiences with RFID development. The Evaluation Board is an uncomplicated and convenient possibility for integration and power supply of your RFID module. The integrated RS232 interface allows you to connect the Evaluation Board with any standard PC / laptop. For connection of antennas, the board has a 50 ohm SMA connector.

The board can be operated via a terminal program, compatible to any standard operating system) and visualizes the information of the transponder. All devices are delivered with KTS tag2IMAGE, a software for visualization and development support.

Evaluation Board for RFID Moduls with RS232 Exit and SMA interface for external RFID antennas.

Description RFID Evaluation Board
The 50 ohm SMA cable enables the connection of various RFID antennas. The evaluation board itself is connected via an RS232 interface to any PC / laptop and there is approached by a terminal program (built into Windows operating systems). The required instruction set is stored in a separate data sheet. The transponder information read is transmitted via the serial interface and visualized in the terminal program.

Evaluation Board for KTS RFID-Modul


Available Versions
EVALB1356-001 (RS32 Interface)


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