RFID Module

KTS-RFIDM1356 – Integrate RFID applications in your circuits! With the Evaluation Board and the RFID Module KTS delivers an uncomplicated way to integrate RFID applications.


With the KTS RFID module we offer you a solution how to integrate RFID functionality into your applications conveniently. Comparable to the integration of a Bluetooth or WLAN module into existing circuits, the KTS RFID module allows you the uncomplicated but professional integration. Furthermore you have the possibility to test this via the Evaluation Board. With the evaluation board and the attachable RFID module, as well as an Altium Designer component library the quick integration of your desired RFID function can be implemented conveniently.

The standard verions of the RFID module (RFIDM1356-001) can be easily connected with the KTS Evaluation Board. The standard module can be customized according to your individual needs and requirements for optimzied integration of the RFID module into your circuits.  Customizing solutions might include:



Version with pinheader for easy plug-in and easy
connection of RFID antennas via U.FL port...


Brief Description Functions ISO 15693 (CDC)
Complete functional range ISO 15693 with inventory, read & write user data
CDC mode: read UID, read and write transponder memory


Brief Descrioption Multistandard Reader
The multistandard RFID reader is configurable via software. Hence, it is possible to operate the RFID device in the following mode. Details of the various mode are identical to the functional range descriped previously.
ISO 15693 (HID & CDC)


RFID-Module for 13,56MHz Applications
Reference Guide RFID-Module for 13,56 MHz Applications

Evaluation Board for RFID-Module


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